Why I started this site

Ohio Business

Originally born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I’ve been all over this great state from Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus to┬áCincinnati. My entire family lives here and I plan on staying here my entire life. This site is about my blurbs and interactions with different businesses I’ve dealt with along the way.

I’ve been to many great restaurants in the different areas and also dealt with different types of contracted companies as well as different doctors in the medical field. I wanted this site to have just to jot my thoughts down and to maybe help out people that are new to the area. I also like to write and is a hobby of mine so this will be a great outlet!

I believe people should be informed about services before they spend their hard earned money so I will give you my honest opinion on the different dealings I’ve had with companies as well as occasional rants and maybe even certain guides if I see fit. If I feel like the reader will learn something from my experience then I will gladly put it in this blog. Sit back, grab some coffee and take a peek into my world! For more information on Ohio click here.